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Work From Home Module

Parametric Design: Work from Home Module

ATLS 5430 Design Methods

- Completed 3D modeling and rendering via Rhino / grasshopper 

Design Brief:  Design and develop a useful object for quarantine during and post Covid era. 

Design Thesis: Our circadian rhythm is the natural cycle of alertness that the human body sequences throughout the day.  The circadian rhythm work day revolves around the fact that there are roughly two to three peaks of productivity throughout a person's day. 

Sweden had recently shifted, with great success, to a six hour work day to increase productivity and avoid burn out / fatigue. Yet, it seems that not too many companies or work spaces are catering their work environments to sync with their employees circadian rhythms.  Now that work from home has been proven to be a feasible way in which to operate for many companies, designing a customizable work from home module programmed to operate around the users personal circadian rhythm seems like a logical next step. 

I designed a "WFH Module" that can be shipped and installed in any house, apartment, or condo. the module would be sound proof and programmed to shut option-shut off wifi or indicate when it is time to stop working.

Final Project_Work from Home37.jpg
Final Project_Work from Home38.jpg
Final Project_Work from Home39.jpg
Final Project_Work from Home40.jpg
Final Project_Work from Home48.jpg
Final Project_Work from Home46.jpg
Final Project_Work from Home41.jpg
Final Project_Work from Home52.jpg
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