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Audio Visualizer Housing 

Parametric Design Project for 3D printer

ATLS 5410 Creative Technologies, 3D Printing

- Completed 3D modeling and rendering via Rhino / grasshopper 

Design Brief:  Design and print a small tool that you can use in your daily life, hobbies, or work. (ex: a device to open doors without touching them, a tool for stamping textures onto clay).


Make some aspect of your tool a “print-in-place” model, an object that is composed of two or more connected or interlocking parts that can freely move using hinges, joints, etc. and that are printed in one single pass of the 3D printer.

Design Thesis: Through my graduate program I have been forced to reevaluate what true accessibility means.  During this project I have been focusing on audio visualizer concepts for those who are hard of hearing. The goal is to have home audio visualizers to notify those hard of hearing when someone in another room is calling their name or trying to speak with them. 

This is to be paired with an e-textile that allows the impaired to respond by tapping a conductive patch on their clothing which would in-turn cause the visualizer to glow a solid color in response. Programming custom colors/ blinking cadences would allow for the impaired to respond without having to leave where they are at.

Glow Cube_5_interior.jpg
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