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GZ South Station, China Competition

Professional Work, SWA 2016

- Project Design Lead

- Designed final conceptual package

- Modeled via Rhino renderings via Photoshop

Identity can manifest itself in many ways. It can be seen or unseen, natural or man-made. Identity can be shared amongst a large community and within each individual person.
With over 7 billion people on the earth today, each of use maintains a unique image that can be easily encapsulated in our fingerprints. Just like a fingerprint, the GZ South Station in Guangzhou, China stands as the nucleus for a regional and national identity. As the second fastest growing city in the world, Guangzhou is quickly becoming the center of the pearl river delta and China's global identity. The city stands as an economic, socio-political, and tourism hub that is responsible for some of the world's great universities, businesses, and environmental beauty.

GZ South Station, China Competition: Welcome
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