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Montana Private Residence

Professional Work, Design Workshop 2016-2019

- Project Design Lead : conceptual design through 100% construction documentation

- Designed presentation and layout

- 90% Construction documentation via AutoCAD

- Completed 3D modeling and rendering via Rhino, Photoshop, and Lumion

Our team was tasked with designing a 50 acre private ranch lot at the Yellowstone Club in Montana as a year round amenitized property. Custom features include 2 acre pond, 360° ski in ski out access, bike and snowmobile trails, sunken infinity pool, and naturalized stream feature from the front entry down to the pond.

I modeled 14 square miles of mountain range using GIS topography. I then implemented a delaunay mesh script in grasshopper to create a 1' x 1' point cloud of the terrain. This method allowed us to accurately evaluate view-sheds of the surrounding mountain range around the property.

Isolated 3D Property Axon, Rhino
3D Aerial of Property
Existing Property
Proposed Property
Proposed Property Winter
Private Driveway Heli Pad
Private Driveway Bridge Entrance
Private Driveway Bridge Entrance - Night
Front Entry Water Feature
Front Entry Water Feature
Front Entry Water Feature Winter
3D Aerial of Backyard
Lone Mountain from Back Deck
Lone Mountain View at Backyard Lawn
Lone Mountain View at Pool
Lone Mountain at Golf Hole 2
Lone Mountain at Golf Hole 5
Lone Mountain at Golf Hole 9
Spanish Peaks from Floating Dock
Lone Mountain at Floating Dock
Pond after 15 Years of Growth
Pond after 30 Years of Growth
Pond Beach Trail Lighting
Pond Beach Fairytale Lighting
Montana Private Residence: Welcome
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