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Project 1 Milestone 2

For my project I will be calculating the assignable square footage as well as price per square foot of the projects inputted. The target users for the app is still aimed at architects, planners, and developers needing an app for quick cost and square footage calculations while they are either discussing the proposal of new projects or actively drawing out new master plans and wanting quick feed back on some of their individual projects. This is why exporting and storing the data would be ideal in a final product because that would allow the user to continue to use the app to develop master plans over the course of a project.

The ASF will be calculated by taking the gross square footage input and multiplying it by .70. This is done because, typically, 30% of a buildings SF is allocated to maintenance and HVAC facilities.

Once the user selects the project funding from the segmented control, there will need to be an if else statement pointing to the correct set of "average construction cost" per funding type.

The current road blocks that I am experiencing right now are getting my text fields to properly calculate the ASF and cost per square foot and associating those outputs with the correlating segmented control inputs. I am thinking the best way to handle this is to create a cost per square foot price range brackets using if / else statements to change the output prices in the bottom and then using a secondary if else statement to highlight the appropriate price per square foot that their project is currently in.

Once the funding type is selected, I can calculate the cost per square foot by taking the user input for cost and dividing it by the user input for gross square footage. That will need to be stored in a variable and then used in a series of if else statements that then select the "average construction cost" that the users project falls into.

This will output the selected average price ranges per funding type and show the user what bracket their project is falling into for average costs.

Once completed and ready for a new project, the user can scroll down to the bottom and clear the screen to begin again with a new project calculation.

The Minimum MVP for the app will simply be calculating the ASF and cost per square foot and receiving a suggestion in the output on where your cost per square puts your project. The final product would be one that would allow the user to store the data per project in a list and be able to tap on the project and see its correlated data AKA seeing its type, funding, GSF, ASF and cost. Then the user would have the ability to to export this data to their own computer or files with an export button. Ideally the listed data per project would be able to be directly translated into an excel file for project use over the course of time.

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