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Project 2, Milestone 1

The concept for the app that I am going to design is a community engagement app. The app's purpose would be to deploy it in a community where a master plan is taking place and get their input and feedback on what they would like to be incorporated into their community open space. The idea is to create a "kit of parts" for the user to pick and choose from to build their ideal park.

The next portion of the app would be to have the user use google maps to pin the location of where they would most like a new park to be developed in their neighborhood.

After the user picks the location to pin for where they would like a new park built in their neighborhood, they can go through the amenities list and select or checkmark the boxes for the items they would most like to have in their park. Then once they have selected all the amenities and elements they would like to have in their community park, the final page would say their submission has been recorded or saved and output a fun cartoon axon of a park with all the elements they wanted to include in it.

The inspiration for this app comes from my experience in community outreach for large-scale planning projects, and the difficulty design teams have in actually capturing and or cataloging community wants and needs. The intended user group of the app is the community members that reside within the planning project boundary.

So far, there have been some elementary apps developed for community outreach. Still, none have been very successful in the engagement element. That is why I intend to make this app very playful in its graphics, very graphic forward with less text, and create a level of excitement for the user to want to see what their custom park axon will look like that they built. The other piece that I noticed was missing from the few community engagement apps I have seen is the ability for the user to pin specific locations in their community. This way, they can point out the particular areas in their neighborhood that they feel needs improvements.

The content that I will need for this app will be developing the actual graphics themselves for the user to choose from. I have lots of experience in 3D modeling and generating high-fidelity imagery. I will have no problem creating the individual park elements. The only thing I will have to figure out is how to layer those images correctly in the final axon output to reflect the items that the user selected to incorporate into their open space/ park.

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