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Riverfront Wetland Park

CSU Undergraduate Work, 2013

The Riverfront Wetland Park is a vital piece of the Fort Collins storm-water infrastructure. The site is mostly a natural area with degraded wetlands and a polluted riverfront. The existing site edge is rough and full of hard-scape, which hinders the ability of storm-water retention. Fort Collins experienced the need for retention and absorption basins during the devastating 100-year flood in the ’90s and the 500-year flood in 2013.

The south bank of the river allowed for the opportunity to design sculptural landforms and create a distinct and winding river edge. This undulating river edge will slow the flow rate, absorb more water, and become a retaining basin during future flooding. The wetland boardwalks are the main interactive ecological element incorporated into the site. They are cultivating the notion that a park is not only a place for recreation and leisure but can host vital functions to a city in storm-water retention and the protection of wildlife habitats.

Riverfront Wetland Park: Welcome
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