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CSU Senior Capstone, 2015

The Seosomun Memorial Park was a unique design opportunity as the open space was deemed as religious grounds. This was the plaza in which the government performed public executions of any Catholics found in the city during the late 1700s. Additionally, the park had three stories of hollow abandoned parking infrastructure below it. As a result, the site allowed for an opportunity to excavate the abandoned parking infrastructure and reveal the thirty-foot deep void. Exposing the void within the site allows the negative space and incorporated lighting to draw people down into the heart of the memorial. The premise of the design is a living catacomb resembling healing tissue, each level lower, the denser the memorial structure and plantings become. Finally, ending in the living/ glowing catacombs memorializing those who were martyred, representing the life that blooms out of death.

Seousomun Memorial: Welcome
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