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Broadway & i25 Viaduct Park

Creating Urban Play Out of Urban Decay

Professional Work, Design Workshop 2016-2018

- Young Industry Professionals (YIP) Award Winner, Concept Design 2019

- Project Design Lead : conceptual design through 90% design development

- Designed presentation and layout

- Completed 3D modeling and rendering via Rhino, Photoshop, and Lumion

Growing up off South Broadway, I developed a fond appreciation for the eclectic and funky nature of the community. As the design lead on the Broadway and i25 Viaduct Park, celebrating the character of the neighborhood was a critical factor in shifting the public’s perception of underdeveloped land. Transforming the urban decay of the viaduct into urban play was intended to catalyze a dialog between the surrounding community and city to capitalize on underutilized land.


The 2-acre parcel of land sits directly under the highway and is currently programmed as a dirt parking lot. The site is the main point of access for Denver’s second highest ridership transit stop in Colorado. The design not only needed to provide safe passage for those accessing public transit, but help the community re-imagine what underutilized land can be re-purposed for. Additionally, we designed the dog park, regional skate park, and rain gardens with the capacity to capture and treat storm water. Because of this, the viaduct park can capture and treat 65% of annual stormwater on site.

Gap Analysis
Broadway & i25 Viaduct Park: Welcome
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